Rhythm, original improvisation and spiritual sensations are absolute unique energy created by Armenian Jazz, which has 75 years’ biography. Over the past years, jazz nurtured us with new spiritual values and boundaries of cultural freedom, maintaining the national character of creative thought in the meanwhile.

It is noteworthy that Armenian jazz reached new levels particularly in 1960s, when important events took place in Armenia. It was the rhythm of life that required constant development. It was in 1960s also when the history of gas economy began in Armenia with memorable years of rise, fall and sustainable development on its way. Most importantly, some individuals left special traces on this history. Thanks to their dedicated work a whole system was created and established, many beautiful traditions were formed, which today are continued and developed by the management team of "Gazprom Armenia."

At present we have identified priorities for further development and identified those corporate values ​​that give us the opportunity to develop long-term plans. We truly pretend to a leading position in the energy market of regional importance and believe in success, as we have the will to implement bold, ambitious projects and great teamwork. I believe that deep and timeless works of jazz music are also the result of individual creativity; they are appreciated and gain the right to live through wholeness of feelings and team performance.

Congratulations to all of us with a significant anniversary!

Congratulations, Armenian jazz musicians of all generations! Many of them are legends for us. I wish you great creative success accompanied with jazz rhythms.


Vardan Harutyunyan

Chairman of the Board and General Director of "Gazprom Armenia" JSC





The First Delivery of Natural Gas to Armenia

On February 12, 1960 a ceremony of first gas torch lighting took place in the central square of Yerevan.


Gasification as a Social Program on a National Scale

As the result of a large-scale program of gasification, today 591 towns receive natural gas in Armenia. With 95% gasification indicator our country is on leading position in the world.

Armenia also occupies a leading position among countries where natural gas is used as a motor fuel. The utilization of gas in transport sector is not only more profitable than the gasoline, but also reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.






Expansion of the Gas Transportation System

The Iran–Armenia gas pipeline

"Gazprom Armenia" Company implemented a major, unique and technically complex project of construction of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline, which expanded the resource base of natural gas and created a second technological input line in the Republic of Armenia.

The reconstruction works of new 190km gas pipeline were realized in hard climatic conditions, some sectors were about 3000 m above sea level.





Gas and Energy Projects

Completion of construction and modernization of the 5th power unit of the Hrazdan TPP

"Hrazdan-5" is a unique project with the latest technological solutions not only for Armenia, but as well as for the regional gas and energy sector.

The new way of producing electricity used in this sector allows the combination of technologies of steam and gas turbine.

The operation of the power unit ensures the participation of electric power generation in domestic market and gives opportunities for creations of new projects for the exportation.






Energy Security

Thanks to the work fulfilled by the Company and the implementation of large-scale projects, Armenia has a sufficiently high level of energy security today. With two gas pipelines from the north and south, as well as underground gas storage facilities, Armenia is among the countries that have their own energy supply.



Abovyan Underground Gas Storage (UGS)

In the context of energy security, "Gazprom Armenia" JSC is solving another important problem at present: the restoration of project indicators for exploitation of the Abovyan underground gas storage. This strategic site is intended to provide security of supply for the country. As a result of the investment project to develop and modernize the UGS, the Company plans to increase gradually the amount of natural gas storage.










Modern Technologies

"Gazprom Armenia" is pursuing a policy for the introduction of new equipment and new technologies into gas transportation and distribution, which contributes to the improvement of gas accounting system and overall system reliability. The SCADA system is being gradually introduced in the gas transportation system of the country, which allows monitoring in a centralized form and management of the traffic flows of natural gas pipelines.








Security Systems

In terms of security of gas supply and improvement of the quality of service, one priority in the activities of "Gazprom Armenia" JSC is the program to install a security system for consumers. Armenia is the first to undertake a mass installation of security systems in the CIS, to eliminate subjective human factor in the operation of gas appliances and prevent man-caused disasters.



Financial and Economic Activity

For many years, "Gazprom Armenia" JSC has consistently held a leading position in the list of top taxpayers of Armenia. Daily payments to state budget make more than 100 million AMD.

"Gazprom Armenia" JSC always meets all requirements with great responsibly to ensure the transparency of financial and economic activity. Auditing services of the Company are provided by respectable foreign organizations. Long-term business and partnership relations with several large foreign banks also confirm the confidence of international financial institutions and organizations towards "Gazprom Armenia."







"Tsakhkadzor-Marriott" Hotel Complex

(Non-specialized activities)

The former "Adigaz" resort was reconstructed in agreement with the criteria of the upscale "Marriott" hotel brand and transferred to the control of "Marriott" company.

"Tsakhkadzor Marriott" meets international standards of full service hotels. As a hotel complex of "luxury" class, located in the ski resort of Tsakhkadzor, it occupies a special place among "Marriott" hotels, in particular because of the unique opportunities for hosting a winter holiday.

"Tsakhkadzor Marriott" has already won high reputation among the hotels of "Marriott" network in the short terms of its activity.


Social Responsibility

The "Gazprom Armenia" company has a large-scale social package with both internal and external corporative directions.